23.02 2020

How can nature help us to find serenity?

photo How can nature help us to find serenity?

Walking in nature makes us healthier and happier because even the sight of the clear blue sky, the river, the trees and the peaceful landscape can make us feel serene. We need to spend more time in nature to retrieve peace and gain more vitality.

Spending time in the peaceful nature is an opportunity for us to show kindness to ourselves, as the peace ambassador Prem Rawat said. By expressing gentleness to ourselves, it is sure that we feel great and peaceful within our mind and heart. But how can nature help us find serenity?

Nature promotes well-being to regain mind tranquility

Researchers say that people who have more time to connect with nature have better health condition and are more energetic. This refers to farmers and those whose dwelling is located among nature, near a peaceful mountain, a river and forest trees. Not only can they feel lasting happiness at the sight of the charming setting; but they can also breathe fresh air and enjoy the warm sunshine every day.

Beside this, it is sure that their daily diet consists of fresh vegetables and fruit, and food additives and chemicals are almost unheard of. As a result, Nature certainly helps us to be Zen.

Nature promotes compassion and inner peace

Living in nature transforms us into compassionate beings. If we are frequently in connection with nature, it becomes natural for us to feed our farm animals. It will even become natural to give some grains for the small birds which come near the farm. We are able to know more about the life of the cattle and their nutrition.

Apart from that, we can engage in other farming activities such as planting flowers for bees, or planting green grass for a grazing pasture for the cattle. Maintaining a close relationship with God's creation brings about a lot of joy. Therefore, nature can help us to be compassionate and attain inner tranquility.

Nature can help us boost our self-esteem

It is needless to say that individuals, who often spend time in nature, develop higher self-esteem than those who have remained in big cities all their lives. They are more likely to develop their creative talents and are willing to take risks to perform or act in public. That is because the natural environment frees people from dependence on technology and electronic gadgets. 

  • Living in nature, people spend their free time in the evening around a campfire, singing songs and dancing without any sophisticated instruments. 
  • They create simple tools to perform their work, which contribute to the development of their self-worth. 
  • As a result, having self-confidence, it is possible for people to discover their inner strengths, which eventually promotes serenity.

Nature enhances good health and peacefulness

Researches made by specialists show clear evidence that if patients who are suffering from high blood pressure or cardiovascular illnesses are exposed to natural environment, they will be able to recover their vitality and good mood sooner. On the other hand, anxious and depressive patients can improve their health condition and retrieve their smile thanks to Nature.

In fact, spending more time in the peaceful seaside or in the picturesque, scenic countryside brings meaningfulness and happiness in life.

Moreover, living among nature provides opportunities for frequent mindfulness meditation practices which help reduce anxiety and retrieve inner peace. The peace mediator Prem Rawat mentioned in his teachings that it is possible to develop an inner potential through a meditation called "Knowledge", which is better if practiced in Nature.